East Coast 5-Day Trip
Day 1
We leave New York heading West. We cross into the State of New Jersey and continue until we reach the Delaware Water Gap, which passes through Poconos Mountains. We then continue North towards Binghamton, New York and from there towards the Finger Lakes. We drive along Lake Seneca and then turn West towards Niagara Falls. On the American-Canadian border we will stop to view the Falls from the American side. Then, for the unforgettable experience, we will take the boat ride which takes us right into the center of the Falls.
We will then cross the border into Canada. Niagara Falls, Canada is a nice Canadian city-town similar to a “smaller Vegas.” There are Casinos, plenty of Restaurants, a large Times-Square like Boulevard with arcades and other sources of entertainment (large ferris-wheel). At night the Falls are illuminated by multi-colored light projectors.
Day 2
We begin by stopping at the main lookout point in order to see the Falls from the Canadian side in the light of day. We will drive along the Falls until we reach a lookout point from which we are able to view the Hydro-Electric Power Plant which is located on the American Side. There we will view the We will stop for pictures. We will then drive towards the Floral Clock for another short stop before arriving at the beautiful town Niagara On The Lake. We will then travel towards Toronto where the first main attraction will be a stop along the street of the famous CN-Tower (one of world’s tallest buildings). There we will have time to take pictures from across the street before continuing towards the center of the city where we find City Hall, the Eaton Center Mall and access to Toronto’s underground tunnels; we will have free time for lunch and more while at Eaton Center.
We then drive towards The Thousand Islands which will begin with a panoramic tour of Toronto and Parliament. In the evening we arrive at the hotel which is located not far from the Saint Lawrence River.
Day 3
We begin the day by sailing on the Thousand Islands Cruise. We then after begin our drive South back towards New York. On the way we will stop at an Outlet Shopping Mall after which we will drive to our hotel.
Day 4

After breakfast, we drive South through the States of New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, passing through the City of Baltimore ultimately arriving in Washington DC. We will see the White House from the outside (due to security we cannot enter). We will then visit Memorial Park, famous site of the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, the Korean Memorial and the famous Reflection Pool  which separates the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial. Next we will visit “Daniel’s World” in the Holocaust Museum before visiting ether the Bureau of Engraving and Printing OR The Iwo-Jima Memorial. We then continue on to The Air and Space Museum where we will have free time to walk around. The Air and Space Museum is home to the famous Wright-Brothers Plane which is one of the first planes ever built. Also, some of the first Nasa Space Shuttles can be seen at this museum. Next we will drive towards Capitol Hill where we will have a view of the Capitol Building, home to the United States Congress. From there we will drive towards the restaurant district where we find both dinner as well as our hotel.
Day 5
We begin the day in the State of Pennsylvania at the Hershey Chocolate Factory where we will see a simulation of how the Chocolate is made. We will then drive to the Amish Area (Intercourse, Pennsylvania) where we will essentially go back in time as we see the Amish lifestyle like the horse buggies and the beautiful old fashioned farms. From there we will proceed towards the City of Philadelphia where our first stop will be on one of the nicest boulevards in the world, Benjamin Franklin Boulevard, in front of the famous Rocky Steps. We will then drive to see the famous Liberty Bell as well as the site of the Yoni Netanyahu Monument. We will then begin making our way back to New York City where we will arrive sometime in the evening.