Washington DC
1-Day Tour

(Every Thursday) Only $128 

(Per Person) 
We begin the day by traveling South through the State of New Jersey. On the way, we pass Newark Airport and the city of Newark, New Jersey. we will then continue South towards the State of Delaware. On our way we will pass on a very impressive bridge (The Delaware Memorial Bridge: 3.4km in length).
In Delaware we will stop for breakfast before continuing South through the State of Maryland. On our way to Washington DC we will pass by the City of Baltimore, the big city in the State of Maryland. When we get to Washington DC, our first stop will be at The Marines Memorial: Iwo-Jima (famous statue of 6 soldiers planting the flag). From there we will have a view of the famous Arlington Cemetery (world’s most famous military burial ground). After Iwo-Jima, we will enter the heart of Washington DC, the Capital of The United States. In DC we will visit Memorial Park, famous site of the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, the Korean Memorial and the famous Reflection Pool  which separates the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial. We will then travel to see the White House (from outside). From the White House, we will travel to the Air and Space Museum where we will have time for our lunch break and free time to walk around. The Air and Space Museum is home to the famous Wright-Brothers Plane which is one of the first planes ever built. After the museum we will drive towards Capitol Hill where we will have a view of the Capitol Building, home to the United States Congress. Finally we will have a panoramic view of DC’s residential area (from within the bus) as we begin our drive North towards New York City. We will arrive in New York in the late evening.