How to explore Washington DC in a day
Well is it said that it is impossible to see all of Washington DC in a day however as much as you are able to will be exciting and rewarding. Enjoy the national’s capitals history and culture through experienced guides. Divide the time and plan your trip in advance so that you are able to make most of the trip. Here are few tips that you could consider in 1-day tour to Washington DC.
1.    Arrive early as there would be lesser crowd during early morning hours. When you start early you don’t have to wait in queues. Additionally, one the traffic congestion time begins you will be stuck for hours.    
2.    Begin your 1 day trip with capitol visitor centre and learn more about the history of the US government. Take a tour to see the halls of columns, the rotunda, and the old Supreme Court chambers.
3.     Go to Smithsonian. It is comprised of 19 museums within it.
4.    Take a break as it will already be lunch time.
5.    After the lunch, you can take a peek at the White House. The seven-acre public park across the street is popular for political protests and one of great place for people to watch
6.    Visit the memorials and monuments that are the greatest landmarks Washington DC has
7.    After all, this if you have the time and energy you can have your dinner in Georgetown. There are a number of dining spots. You can choose to enjoy the Potomac Waterfront while having your dinner.
There is a lot more place to explore which I may not have included in the list. You can create an itinerary of your own and accordingly place them in the order that you wish to complete the tour. In case you are finding any complexities in travelling and confusing in what should you be covering first I would suggest considering a fully guided Tour to Washington DC. Since the guide is aware of all the places and has ample experience taking the tour with his help would be a good idea. Moreover, there would not be any confusion and he will not only be able to take you around the most popular place however he will be able to help you with the passes whenever and wherever required. Apart from saving time, you will also be able to complete the trip on time. Before you began the tour you can always let him know your preferences and ask him for the things included in his package.
Understanding the fact that it will be an added expense however it definitely would be worthwhile. After all, you don’t want regret on the places you were unable to explore due to lack of route knowledge.