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In case you are planning a one-day tour to Philadelphia and Amish, you are not allowed to miss some of the beautiful attractions that will certainly woo your heart!

Sites Of Attraction You Ought To See If You Are Planning A One Day Tour To Philadelphia & Amish 

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Philadelphia is a huge city in Pennsylvania. It is one of the most populous cities in the United States whereas Amish is the Lancaster country and the America’s oldest settlement. So in case you are planning a one day tour to Philadelphia and Amish, you are not allowed to miss some of the beautiful attractions that will certainly woo your heart!

Delaware Bridge connecting Delaware and New Jersey
Delaware Bridge is easy on the eye. The attractive bridge conjoins Delaware and New Jersey by suspending in the air and spreading magic all around! An interesting fact about it is a memorial to all those soldiers of Korean Conflict, Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm, who gave their lives in World War II. How can somebody afford to miss such a historic site!
After crossing this momentous bridge, you will reach the City of Philadelphia!

The Liberty Bell
The Liberty Bell signifies independence of America. The bell is cracked and nobody knows the reason as to why it got cracked. But some of the people believe that it got cracked due to 90 years of hard use. Some interesting facts about the bell are that- The bell underwent repair but all attempts went in vain and also, the bell encouraged support for women's voting rights legislation by traveling across Pennsylvania in 1915. Hope you just cannot miss to visit such historic site after knowing some historic facts of the bell!

Benjamin Franklin Boulevard
This fine looking expressway highlights distinguished art museums like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Barnes Foundation, the Moore College of Art and Design and the Rodin Museum. Do not neglect this historic beauty if you are somebody who loves exploring!
After adoring these wonderful creations, you will get to explore the Amish- area where you will find yourself having traditional experience.

Savor Amish Lifestyle
Amish lifestyle is known to be very outmoded. People have seven to ten children. The children are given the freedom to decide whether they want to be baptized or not, on reaching the teenage years. One will get to see horses, buggies, trollies and old farms. Amish men wear dark-colored suits, straight- cut coats and suspenders whereas Amish teenage and twenties women wear black prayer coverings for church services. Interesting fact is that Amish men are not allowed to keep moustaches and they have to wait for their marriages in order to grow beards whereas Amish women are not allowed to wear jewelry and printed fabrics. Such traditional experiences have to be enjoyed if you are more of an explorer!

Hershey’s Chocolate World

The chocolate lovers will undoubtedly not forget visiting this Aww-some chocolate factory wherein one gets to experience the fake chocolate ride of the factory. It is like a small Disney land wherein you will be amused. You will get to make your candy bars, taught how to make chocolates and enjoy shopping of chocolates and snacks. Use your handkerchief ready in case your mouth is watering, chocolate lovers!

Quite obvious that after knowing about all such wonderful attractions, you are unable to control yourself.  So, gear up with your bags packed for this amazing tour!